With Roku pulling Fox apps, here are your alternative streaming devices

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Just days ahead of the biggest game of the year,

Roku owners are in a bit of a shakeup. Roku told users that the Fox apps, including Fox Sports, are being pulled from the platform as of January 31. The decision is a result of a distribution contract between Fox and Roku that is expiring.

As expected, both companies are blaming each other, and there is no telling when we will see a resolution. CNN Underscored reached out to both Roku and Fox for comment and we'll let you know if or when they respond.

So what can a Roku user do to watch Fox programming this weekend?

By far, the simplest solution would be to opt for an HD antenna. It will give you access to local channels, as well as basic cable, which means you'll be able to watch the big game on Fox.. You will lose on-demand functionality, the HD guide and any other smart features, soou'll need to opt for another streaming device to retain those services. Here are a few top rated HD Antennas.

We'll walk you through the alternatives below. These options are comparable both in terms of the hardware and supported services, meaning you can use them to stream your favorites from Fox along with Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+ and Hulu, and at the quality and resolution you wantอ่านต่อ... สล็อตออนไลน์